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In honor of M15, I’ve drawn up a quick little Sliver during my morning meeting. He’s unique in that he brings open-minded introspection to the Hive, instead of things like wings or plated armor. It makes sense, duncha know. 

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Added some colors and a quick background to my last post. Behold! Kaldra, the Avatar of Mirrodin. 

I began playing Magic: the Gathering back in the early 2000’s, during Planechase. But my first set I ever drafted, or even went to the pre-release for was Mirrodin. Getting handed that giant shiny sword that was insane, amidst all of the adult players, was one hell of a rush. I attended the next two pre-releases, getting myself the shield and Helm of Kaldra. But then… there was no avatar token. Kaldra was never a card, only to be shown by a penny or face-down card. Kaldra, the legend, who could kill anything in combat, was a puny token? Abysmal. 

So, the other day, I decided I’d draw Kaldra myself so I could turn him into a token. (and yes, I know MTGO has an official token, but it’s glowy and blue and weird. Mirrodin is a plane of metal, let’s make the Avatar of some metal weapons out of metal too, yeah? Much cooler, art team).

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Looks like it’s back to Magic: the Gathering this week, guys. Or rather, last week… I was a little bad about posting this. So my next sketch is of the lovely Avatar of Kaldra, from back in the Mirrodin block (you know, before it turned into New Phyrexia). I always loved the powerful Kaldra artifact equipment, even if they weren’t actually that useful until EDH came around. On the tabletop back in Middle School they were fantastic. And when we could summon a Kaldra token… I wished we actually had one. Alas, they only put one out on MTGO, and I thought the actual rendition was a little lackluster. It’s a metal plane, after all- why would Kaldra, with his artifacts swathed in flame, be made of blue light?
So I made my own version. Probably to get colors and be put on a token in the near future! :D 
Quick morning sketch for everyone that’s a big call-back to my highschool game of choice: World of Warcraft. My first character was a night elf druid named Diamondblood, and you bet your ass I went crazy for bird form. It made soloing (my favorite thing, haaa) even easier in dense areas. Kill kill kill, pop to bird in an instant before the next mob comes, rinse and repeat. This is the night elf druid epic bird form, in all its purple glory. 
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Oh man, oh man, what do we have here? It’s none other than some more fan art, ladies and gents! But this isn’t from Magic… it’s from Rat Queens, the super-amazing-awesome-pants comic about a team of bad-ass magical adventurers and their love of sex, drugs, and slaughtering in wholesale. Basically an adult-themed RPG-style comic, except that it’s somehow even more awesome than that. 
For some practice, I decided to make this piece a faux-cover (though on my Deviantart you can see it without the Rat Queens header), and do my first bit of art for Dee, the group healer and general introvert who will fix you up in a jiffy, right after she’s done praying to some Octopus Gods. »; I plan on doing all four of the Queens, so look forward to more (though more Magic art will come when inspiration strikes, I promise). 
I’m back to old coloring and lineart habits, as well as making everything and its mother glow super glowy, but it seemed pertinent for the task at hand. The next few will probably follow suit (well, less glowy for the two less magic-oriented of the team…)
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Good denizens of the tumblrsphere! I bring to you… well, not a reprint for Conspiracy, sadly (thanks to that pesky reserved list). Instead, I bring you my first ever digital painting, in Magic form! Done for my brand-new commander, Pheldaggrif is a flying hippo, because apparently Wizards of the Coast was a little more loosey-goosey back in the day. 

In the past few months, I’ve been trying to teach myself to paint digitally. It’s hard to do, especially when I’ve been a line artist for so long. Loosening up enough to do shades and shapes, not lines… it’s rough. But I pulled through for my finely rotund friend here with his magically glowing wings and picturesque sunset (which was actually simple to draw! O_o). All digital, over some pen lines on an 8.5x11.

Anyway, He’s going on my custom commander card one of these days. As for now, all of  you enjoy! And check out my art on my deviantartand on my portfolio

The Daughter and the Mother of the Sea 
Having looked through the spoilers for the latest Magic Set “Journey Into Nyx”, I was struck by some fun flavour. Kiora, the lovely merfolk planeswalker, having impersonated/been mistaken for the God of the Sea, Thassa, in the expansion Born of the Gods, is now at odds with her. The two are at war, it seems, with two high-powered, wielding magical beings going toe-to-toe.
It should be noted that I adore Thassa’s design, and when taken next to Kiora, it really shows the breadth of possibility you have when you’re drawing a “fish person”. Anyway, so these two are going head to head! Fin to fin! Tail to ankles!
 Have you guys read Godhunter Octopus? No? Check it out.

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A new sketch for you all! I absolutely adore the design for the B/G god Pharika, the God of Affliction (and yet to be previewed!). She’s the Greek-inspired god of potions, healing, and poison, and represents the duality of toxicity and cleansing. 
In terms of etymology, “Pharika” comes from the Greek "pharmakon,” which is taken to mean both “poison” and “medicine”, and is the patron god of Gorgons (because there’s more than just the one in Greek myth, guys! »;) 
Glad I sketched her this morning, my brain is zapped from an insane day. Check in for more fan art at my Deviantart or on my Portfolio! 
Hey everyone! I’m back from the dead and I brought with me a hollow angel from New Phyrexia! Done in pen during a meeting at work, I decided it deserved some color love and made it into a poster. Enjoy, my compleat minions! Go forth and spread the scriptures!
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Introductions Are In Order: Modern

Modern is a peculiar animal and format. It’s non-rotating, it’s using a large amount of Magic’s past cards, and it has a meta that’s always changing (so far). This past weekend, I took a huge step as a Magic player and went from casual/limited junkie to actual, competitive constructed player. Well, competitive is relative, but you know how it is.

My buddy Cameron had told me about an upcoming event, and with a week to prepare, I realized I didn’t want to play my modern Hate Bears deck or my Aura Hexproof deck I’d had stashed away. With the recent unbanning of Bitterblossom and my three Blossoms that I’d held onto, I believed I could make a deck out of all the cards I currently had. I was right.

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